Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes in Donell Jones’ videoclip “U Know What’s Up”… I made a little edit and it looks like she’s looking at T-Boz and Chilli photographed in 2014. Pretty sure she’s smiling seeing them good. 

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Ciara & T-Boz (TLC) 

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Chilli & Left Eye 

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I really don’t want to be sentimental this time but I just can’t, I’m writing this 5th time and still can’t find words that would render my feelings. When I started TLC fansite (first address was, then I have no idea I’m going to still run it after 7 years. You have to know that time T-Boz or Chilli wasn’t very active in business, TLC wasn’t so popular, so it was hard to find any information about them but that’s what I think ‚hey, there’s no fansite about TLC, let’s make one!’ and I got it. It’s funny because when you saw how TLC came back last year, how their biopic and concerts got brilliant reviews, to be honest I still can’t believe it’s happening right now. All we want to say (me & AzzIzz) is THANK YOU! Every person who visited us, every person who helped us, every person who shared with us their knowledge and pictures, every person who gave us art, every person who commented on facebook, every person who likes us on facebook, every person who follows us on twitter or tumblr, every person who appreciates our work, every who as we continues TLC legacy — THANK YOU! And please remember, first we are fans, then we are admins of fansite. Big shout out to Calvin (who made TLC Army), Chri$ty, Corde, Malayia, Kimberley, Shelly, Shon, Ian, Nicole, LaToya, Deirdre, Armando and Lisa’s family (especially for Reigndrop & Kyle), sorry we can’t mention everybody, it takes too long! The greatest part of writing this is the fact I know we are going to continue this beautiful journey with TLC. Thank you!!!


This make us sad. Times flies. Wish Lisa was still here.

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RIP Lisa Left Eye Lopes

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RIP Left Eye

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Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes (TLC) & Melanie C (Spice Girls) - photoshoot made by Dave Hogan in 2000 - see more photos here!

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VIBE: 2PAC, Notorious B.I.G., Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, Aaliyah 

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TLC, Waterfalls, 1995.


left eye + no scrubs performances